Legs and Boots

Yep this is me!


My boobs, and my favorite necklace - yes I'm a Leo! I'll admit the girls are getting a little help here.

My boobs, and my favorite necklace – yes I’m a Leo! I’ll admit the girls are getting a little help here.

So this is basically my diary. I am a single female in her late 30s. Former good girl turned party girl, now trying to make something of herself. Only problem is I still like to drink, and smoke, and fuck. I live in a big city. I bartend part-time and teach a JC class part-time. I’m 5’4″, size 8, 34B, and have a little junk in the trunk. I have shoulder-length curly brown hair, full lips, and cute glasses. I’m the sexy librarian / hot teacher type, or so they tell me. People tend to think I’m about 10 years younger than my age, which is actually pretty awesome!

I’m fun, smart, and attractive, but am a total loser when it comes to dealing with guys. I’m broke. I have a master’s degree, but don’t really use it. Instead I have a lame-ass job that I hate. I’ve been trying to get something creative and fulfilling going in my life for years, but have so far been unsuccessful. And this is the truth of my life and my struggle, unedited. There’s plenty of sex and partying in these pages, and also a little about work and trying to get it together.

Why make something like this public? Perhaps another woman will see something here she recognizes, and for a moment feel less alone. Maybe male readers could learn a thing or two about how women actually think and feel. (Most of them don’t seem to care, but hope springs eternal.) And I suppose in the end it just makes me feel better to spill my guts when someone else might actually see it. Please feel free to comment and ask questions, I’d love to hear from you!

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