Jacob and John

Got a text from Jacob saying my letter was “very well written” and that I had made some good points. (Um, ok.) And that we should talk soon. I tried to text him back but my phone was being weird. So I finally just called him at like 2 am. He actuallly! picked up, and said that he would call me tomorrow. We’ll see.

My friend says that I should just ignore him. I know that she’s right, but I can’t. Too curious. We’ll see if he actually calls.

Other than that, John has found a place in South Park. Hmm, not too far away. The last time I talked to him he seemed kind of weirded out, though. Maybe because of the naughty little note I left him last month. 😉

Well, if Jacob doesn’t work out (which I suspect he won’t) he still makes for great masturbation material. The less I know a guy, the easier it is to use him that way.


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