This is a new one…

So, the latest exploit: last Saturday I met this guy Nate at my bar WS. Really young looking, but I needed some attention and he was the only one giving it. So we kept drinking, and ended up at my house. What is it with little guys having big dicks? I swear I don’t look for them, but that’s who I keep ending up with. Not that I’m necessarily complaining. ; )  The sex was pretty fun, and he’s a really good kisser.

He came over again on Monday. We talked for a while – he had kind of a fucked up childhood – and then things got going. We went out on the porch to smoke, and he ended up standing behind me. I had on these super old jeans (and no panties) that had a place where my thunder-thighs rubbing together had made a hole. Of course he found it. I heard a small rip. “Oh god I can’t believe you just did that.” Oh, but he didn’t stop there. He told me he wanted to fuck me through it. I giggled. He kept ripping. We went inside. He ended up ripping open the entire back of my pants! Then he made me straddle him 69-style so he could see his handiwork – he couldn’t stop saying, “Damn that’s sexy.” He took one of the pockets home as a souvenir, LMFAO! Those pants went in the trash the next day, but I still giggle every time I think about it. Don’t think I’ll be forgetting him anytime soon.


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