Sucky night

So my last meeting with work is tomorrow. So nervous. Still haven’t heard from Jacob. If he doesn’t contact me tomorrow I’m leaving him a note. Had a date with Daniel from Match yesterday. Cute, we have a lot in common, not too sure about his voice. I thought it went well – we talked for over 2 1/2 hours at a wine bar. I texted him today saying that I had enjoyed talking to him, but haven’t gotten anything back. I was supposed to meet Tommy tonight, but he bugged out. I went to bar N to get some food. Always cute guys there, but they’re always gay or with some other girl. So then I went to bar TC. Garth was there, talking to some blond metal chick. Whatever. He looked so cute though – I love glasses. Texted Nate, we agreed we needed to meet up soon. Oh yeah, fucked Kelly last night, but I don’t remember it. Why is it always him I black out on? He has such a nice thick cock…


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