Totally Random Night

So last night I was sitting here kinda bored. I decided to go to bar TC for just a drink or two. I sat at the only available seat at the bar, which happened to be next to this guy who was all tatted up. He starts talking to me, and at some point I mentioned I was unemployed. So then he starts in on how I need to look for jobs in North County because the people are rich and blah blah blah. He just kept on about it, and I so did not feel like hearing it. At some point we both ended up outside smoking, and when I went back in there was this other guy sitting where the first guy had been. The same conversation ensued, only this time the guy was on me about the art history thing. By the way, neither of these guys was especially attractive.

I got up to go smoke again, and ran into Brian on my way out. Great. When I came back in, he offered to buy me a drink, and I said, “Yes, please God!” The new dude was still sitting right next to me, and he and Brian had a few back-and-forths about me while I was sitting right there. Brian was really drunk, and kept going on about how beautiful and awesome I am, and how he’d missed me. Guilt, anyone?

During all of this, Jason showed up. I ended up between the two of them, just like the night I met Brian and Jason got all pissed. Jason said he was going to go smoke, and asked me to join. I waited a few minutes and then went out outside. Brian was 30 seconds behind me. Good grief. I asked him if he was protecting me, and he asked me if I needed to be protected. Internal eye roll.

However, I decided I might as well get some dick, since I’ve been fiending for it for a couple weeks now. So he and I walked back over to his place. On the way I got a text that said “What r u up to? I’ll do you right, guaranteed.” It just had a number, no name. I texted back, “I’m about to get done by someone else right now. Who is this?” He texted back, “Nice.” I sent back, “Is this a wrong number or something?” and he said, “Yup.”

So we get upstairs and Brian’s friend Mike and his girlfriend were there. Brian and I went in his room, and he felt me up a little while he kept telling me how hot I was. I needed to pee, and when I got out of the bathroom Brian was hanging out with the other two. I decided I might as well hang out too, so I accepted a glass of wine, and we all talked for a while. I thought the whole texting thing was funny and completely fit with the random nature of the evening, so I told them about it and we all laughed about it.

After a while the girlfriend passed out and Brian went to the bathroom.  Mike and I started talking about New Orleans and various and sundry, and after a while we noticed Brian was still in the bathroom. We checked on him twice. It was now like, 3:00 in the morning, so I decided I was going home. Mike walked me to my car, and that was it. Then when I got up today, the “anonymous” texts from last night said “Nate.” My stupid fucking phone! I texted Nate and told him what happened but never got anything back. What a weird ass night.


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