Money and Honey

Weight: 139.2   Exercise: no

Last night was classic. I made exactly Six. Teen. Dollars. Yep, $16. Apparently on Saturday night the bar was packed! Go figure. I’m really starting to worry that I won’t be able to make rent for next month. My sales were $43.  Most of this was one guy. His name was John and it was his birthday. I did a couple of shots of Jameson with him. I don’t normally drink when I’m working, but last night I was just like, whatever, fuck it. He was decent looking – if his teeth wouldn’t have been fucked up I might’ve asked him to come out with me – I’m in serious need of some male attention.

I was so not sleepy when I got home, so I watched a couple episodes of Robin Hood, drank a couple glasses of wine, ate some popcorn. Spied on Jason’s Match account – “active within 24 hours.” Oh really, motherfucker?! I was just drunk enough that I left him a message. It wasn’t a mean message or anything, but now he knows I was snooping. Now I’m starting to wonder if the reason he started all this “I don’t want a relationship” business (when he definitely did before) is that he met someone else. Hmmm…

I ended up staying up til like 4 in the morning, so of course I slept in super late today and didn’t work out. Not a good way to start the week. According to the scale I lost almost 3 pounds last week, which is clearly not possible.


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