What is wrong with me?

So another slow night at the bar. I made a whole $25. Whatever, I’m over it. I went to bar H after, and the only spot to sit was at the end of the bar, and some random Asian dude who looked like a chubby 12-year old girl sat next to me and was asking me random questions. Jordan’s friend Mike was there. Once he finally deigned to notice me, he was like, “Oh, so you’re back to your secretary look after being all hooched out the other night.” He was talking about last Thursday when I thought I looked freaking awesome. Um, wow, I feel so great now. Thank you, Mike.  I am also super horny, since stupid Jason basically dumped me, and now I haven’t had sex in three weeks. I would just try to hook up with a random this week, but of course I’m on my period. Grrr!! So after I came home I wasn’t sleepy. I was facebooking and found myself thinking about Jacob. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I forget about this dipshit? So I was just now checking out his page. Supposedly the reason he stopped talking to me back in January was because he got back together with his ex. I’m not saying that’s not true, but there sure aren’t any pictures of him and one particular gal on his page…I need to stop this madness!!


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