I Heart English Boys!

The Green-Eyed Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

Well I did mostly follow through on my good intentions of last week. I got up at around 9 am every day and worked on my class nonstop. I did end up buying a pack of cigarettes, but I managed to cut way back on how many I was smoking per day. I didn’t go out until last Sunday, to the Adams Avenue Street Fair. As usual, I ended up taking forever to get out of the house, so I didn’t get there until almost 5 pm (the fair ended at 7). But I still managed to discover a band I liked (Neveready) and see Mojo Nixon. I went cheap on the food – a slice of cheese pizza – and bought a couple of beers. It’s a street fair, how can you not drink some beer?

So after everything was over I headed to bar OS. I ran into this guy P who C and I had met at her neighbor’s party a few weeks ago. He was with a friend who was semi-cute, who I will call J. I hung with them for a while, and at one point J mentioned his girlfriend. Well there goes that possibility. After a bit C came and joined us. It turned out that P was into her. Of course he is, just like every other fucking guy in the universe. I’m not interested in him, but still! This is getting really annoying. I’m a damn good-looking woman, and when I’m out by myself I have no problem getting guys. If I’m out with her, I’m lucky if I end up with the not-cute friend. I just don’t get it. I know that she’s a skinny blond chick, but I honestly think I’m just as pretty as she is, just in a very different way. Does every guy on the planet really just want a blond? That’s a depressing thought. The whole thing makes me feel like I’m back in high school, jealous of all the “pretty” girls. Yuck. I need to just get over it, but this a very old and very deep wound.

Anyway, we all kept drinking and then headed to a bar down the way. By this point we were all pretty loaded. We played 80s music on the jukebox and the boys started dancing with us, twirling us around and all that. It was fun. At some point J says, “So, you wanna make out or something? God, those lips…” I was like, “Um, don’t you have a girlfriend?” At this point P somehow stepped in and said, “Well, he sort of does…” I told him that that was a line I would not cross, sorry. After a while I started thinking I should have just done it, but whatever.

We all walked back to C’s house, arm in arm with the guys. I don’t even remember what J and I talked about.  We got back to the house and all lounged on the sofa, me with my legs up in J’s lap and C cuddled up with P. She’s not into him, and to me letting him do that is leading him on, but hey it’s her life. She let me make the call as to how to handle the sleeping situation, and I told her I’d rather just sleep in her bed with her. We weren’t into them, so why would we do anything else?

Boys in Bands

The next night (Oct. 1) was the Wombats show at House of Blues. I had already bought my ticket the week before and was sooo excited – I hadn’t been to a proper concert in ages, and they’re my new favorite band. C went with me, and we caught the last few songs of the opening act. They were good, and several of them were pretty cute. The Wombats were awesome! We were standing up in the bar area during the show, and after a while noticed that the opening act was hanging out at the end of the bar. So we kind of moseyed to their side of the room, but then noticed they were hanging with some girls. After a while they walked past us to leave and the bassist almost bumped into me. He said, “Hi! How are you?” I said, “Good, how are you?” and he said, “Good, how are you?” I just kind of went, “Ah…” and he sort of laughed and they moved on.

After the show ended we went outside. The openers were out there taking pictures with fans (girls, of course). Without even talking about it, C and I both decided to park it right there for a while to see what would happen. This guy from my old job (who C still works with) randomly walked up and started talking to us. Right after he left the guitarist from the band happened to look over at me right as I was looking his way, and said in his cute English accent, “So, what’s going on tonight?” Very casually, we told them we were planning to just walk around and see what was up. Then I remembered, “Well there’s always Star bar…” They asked if we minded if they hung out with us. Of course we did not mind at all, this was exactly what we had hoped would happen, heehee! Eventually The Wombats and the sound guy and some other people showed up too, about a dozen in all. You’re welcome, Star!

On the way over to the bar I was talking to the keyboardist (very cute). We got to the bar and both C and I were talking to the bassist (also very cute.) We were all sort of mingling and after a while I ended up talking to the bassist and she ended up chatting with the guitarist (IMO also very cute). She and I were talking about how we should divvy these guys up and I said I’d be happy either way. She said she wanted to switch, and I said ok. But somehow she ended up talking with the bassist and I ended up talking to… no one. Sigh. I was a bit buzzed by this point, and started to get pretty bummed out. I guess I was drunk enough that I said something about it, because then C told me that the bassist told her that the guitarist liked me. Oh, you mean the guitarist who’s been outside chatting with the same girl for at least half an hour? Yes he is so obviously into me. But sure enough, he came over to chat with me a few minutes later. I felt pretty stupid – what, was this a pity flirt or something? Just shoot me now. But we were hanging with English rock stars, I wasn’t about to just end the night. (Full disclosure: I’ve had a thing for British accents for as long as I can remember. Not Spanish, not French, not Southern, not New York. But English, Scottish, and Irish all make me weak in the knees. I have seriously considered moving there for this reason. Really.)

It was getting close to closing time, and the guys wanted to go to the beach. We walked over to 7-11 to get some beer, and I just walked out in front the whole way – I was still feeling annoyed and idiotic. This particular 7-11 stopped selling booze at 10 pm (WTF!) and it was already 1:45. The beach is kind of pointless without beer, so we decided to go back to C’s house, since she always has a full bar. Her car was at my place and we had cabbed it downtown, so we had to cab it back to my place first. I was still feeling stupid and left out and so I immediately grabbed shotgun in the cab. On the way there I explained that I needed to go inside so I could take out my contacts, and the guitarist says, “You wear glasses?” I said yes, and I could hear him say to himself  “Mmm I like glasses…” When we got to my place we all went inside for a minute, and he kept complimenting me on my apartment. Aww cute.

So C and the bassist went in her car, and I went in my car with the guitarist. We chatted the whole time, I don’t even remember about what. I started to REALLY think he was cute. We got to her place and all had a few cocktails and some fun conversation, subtly paired off the whole time. They showed us pictures of shows they’d played – turns out they’re actually really famous in England. Yes! We are partying with hot English rock stars! I don’t know what it is about boys in bands, but damn, they’re just hot.

We made some pizza and ate a bit of leftover cake. After a while she and the bassist took off to her room. The guitarist and I hung out in the kitchen talking and nibbling on the cake. It had pieces of fruit on it, and we ended up feeding the fruit to one another. It didn’t take too much of that before he said, “Maybe we should move into the other room.” I reached up (he’s pretty tall) and kissed him. MMM, nice! I said, “Thank god you’re a good kisser!” and he replied, “You’re not so shabby yourself.”

He went and sat on the sofa and I climbed up and straddled his lap. We kissed for a while, and he kept mumbling things like “Mmm, yes” and “oh god” in the most gratifying sort of way. Then he pulled down the front of my top and my bra and started nibbling on my breasts. By this point it had been a month since I’d gotten any, so all of this felt completely amazing. My clothes got taken off, his shirt came off, he asked me what I wanted. I told him to get on top of me. I laid down on the sofa and he kind of kneeled over me and unzipped. I reached in and felt what was on offer, and said…”Oh my! What is it with you skinny boys?” He just kind of laughed and said, “Yeah, I don’t know.” It was nice and thick, but not pornstar huge: perfect, in other words. Without even being asked he whipped out a condom, good boy! The sex itself felt really damn good, too. Well, this was turning out to be a great night after all.

We both felt kind of weird about being exposed in the middle of the living room and so got dressed immediately after we finished. I said, “Well I think that deserves a cigarette!” He agreed, and we went outside. We stood on the back stoop, arm in arm, and he showed me some constellations. It was very very cute. We came back inside and all I wanted to do was cuddle on the couch. But he immediately started being like, “Oh shit, I’ve got to wake up my friend, we have a radio interview at 9 in the morning.” It was like 4:30 or something. I was thinking, “Well why not just sleep here for a few hours?” and so I felt kind of rejected.

He called a cab and went and knocked on the C’s door to wake up his friend. He stood behind the couch, and then kind of slumped over the back of it. His shirt came up and I started rubbing his belly. He’s like, “Yeah, sorry, I know I’m pretty furry.” I said, “Well it’s all on the front so that’s ok, actually I really like it,” which is true. Then he started mumbling about how he really just wanted to stay and have a snuggle, that “yes that would be quite nice…” but that he couldn’t. That made me feel a bit better, because that’s what I wanted to do sooo bad. At some point the subject of age came up, and I said, “You don’t want to know” but of course I told him and he was appropriately shocked because I look so young, yada yada. He’s 26. What is it with the 26 year olds? It’s like my magic number or something. As he was about to walk out the door he said something about not having my number. Really, you want to play this game? I hadn’t expected to exchange numbers – what would be the point, after all – and so I just kind of went, “Uh…” And then he said, “Oh well my friend has your friend’s number, so we can get in touch that way.” Yeah, sure you will. He leaned over and gave me a kiss, and kind of groaned, “Damn…”

After they left C came out and was showing me videos of their band and pictures they had taken with Jay Leno, and just generally pointing out that holy crap, they’re famous! I’ve always liked boys in bands, but she’s REALLY into it. She told me that her hookup wasn’t any good in bed and was a terrible kisser to boot. HAHAHAHA! I felt kind of bad for her, but was very glad that I had ended up getting the better deal because she had wanted to switch. It was like I finally had some small victory. I still smirk when I think about it. Which I do shamefully often, I’ll admit. The bassist had invited us to come to their show in Santa Ana the next night, and we thought about it. He and C texted a few times the next day, but the invitation wasn’t repeated and so we decided not to go.

I have to say that that was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I keep thinking about it, like I’m some little high school girl or something. I’ve looked up the band a few times, and even left a comment on their FB page: “It was really great to meet you guys!” Pathetic I suppose, but I couldn’t resist!


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