Let’s Get Weird

Last Friday I went out with my friend D. She’s technically my supervisor at work, and only 26, but she’s super smart smart and cool, and we hang out on a semi-regular basis. I hadn’t been planning on going out, but she wanted to go out and didn’t have anyone to go with, so I generously decided to sacrifice myself to the party gods. Rich, one of the other bartenders at my work, kept bugging her to come have a drink at the restaurant while he was working, so the plan was to have one drink with him and then go somewhere else. (D and Rich have been having a FWB kind of thing going for a couple of months, and it has apparently not gone all that smoothly.)

We get there and Rich’s childhood friend and current roommate, Matt, is there already, a little tipsy. Quite good-looking, and fun to boot. D told me that he’s in finance and makes good money. Interesting, but I didn’t get the feeling that he was into me or anything. We talked, smoked a few cigarettes, D and Matt had a couple of drinks. I had one round because I was driving.  The plan ended up changing to waiting for Rich to get off work and we would all go out. It took Rich forever to close but we finally made it out at around 12:30, saying “Let’s get weird!.”

I decided to go out in an area kind of close to the restaurant, since I normally don’t go out over there because it’s kind of far to drive. So we went to this one bar that I’d been to a couple of times. Matt was already pretty drunk and silly. We made our way to the dance floor, Matt kicked off his shoes, and started dancing all crazy. A circle formed around him, and suddenly there was a dance battle! At the bar for 10 minutes and we’d already met the goal of getting weird, hell yeah! I was out there shakin’ it, and after a while Matt came over and tried to dance with me. I say tried, because the boy was already too drunk to keep up, lol! D ended up talking to some cute real estate guy and giving him her number.

After the bar closed, I had planned on just driving the boys back to the restaurant and then taking D home. I didn’t realize that Rich doesn’t drive, and Matt was way too fucked up, so I ended up having to take them to their place. I was not happy about this. D was pretty tipsy, and wanted to stay and hang out with the boys – they all kept talking about getting in the jacuzzi. Hot tubs aren’t really my thing, but I figured I might as well at least stay and hang out for a bit, since I was already there.

We went into the apartment and hadd just cracked open some beers when the door opened, bumping D in the ass. I was thinking, “Oh, do they have another roommate?” Nope, it was these two guys who couldn’t find their friend’s apartment, lol! One of them was carrying a case of Bud, and gave us all one. His name was Roman, and he wanted to stay and hang out with us, but his friend kept bugging him to leave. They left, and we just kept cracking up about how kooky the whole night was becoming.

D had told me earlier about how insane Matt’s body was, and how she had seen him in a “paper suit” and that it gave him great butt cleavage. So of course she bugs him about it until he goes and puts on the paper suit again.Turns out a paper suit is like a speedo, only smaller. Much smaller. Matt was a competitive swimmer back in the day, and apparently beat Michael Phelps a few times. I have to admit that’s kind of impressive.  And yes Matt has a killer body, and no I could not resist smacking his gorgeous tight little bottom! He kept complaining about how uncomfortable the suit was, but he still kept dancing around in it. Good grief.

We were all hanging out on the patio smoking, when D calls out, “Roman!” Roman walks right over and puts the beers over the wall of the patio and climbs over. We all start cracking up, while his friend is like, “Dude! That’s still not the right place, that’s where we were before!” They still hadn’t found their friend’s apartment, the dumbasses!

After a while D starts trying to talk me into getting in the hot tub. Like i said, it’s not really my thing, but I didn’t want to be a party pooper, so did a quick check to make sure I had on decent-looking undies. Gray and black striped cotton bikinis and my favorite blue and white bra that gives me great cleavage. Hmm, I won’t match, but at least I’m not wearing anything embarrassing, so I said ok. We all went and got in the hot tub, D and myself in our bra and panties, and D starts talking to Matt about how pretty I am. Oh lord. This turned into calls to check out my butt, so I finally rolled my eyes, stood up and wiggled my booty a little bit. I could hear Matt say something like, “Damn, that ass won’t quit!” Matt hadn’t really been flirting with me or anything, but after this his attention seemed riveted on me. D was pretty drunk, and decided to take her bra off. So then of course she tried to get me to do the same, saying, “Nothing to be ashamed of.” Now I am not ashamed of my breasts at all, but I was relatively sober, and these were guys I might have to see again. I mean, Rich is my coworker for chrissake! And I thought Matt was really cute and fun, and a possible dating partner, which meant he needed to be kept at bay for the moment. D kept egging Matt on, asking him if he wanted to see my boobs. Of course he said yes, and just kept staring at them. Good grief. I wanted to retain a little bit of class and so I just said, “Nope, sorry, not happening.”

Matt kept checking me out, looking at my body under the clear water, muttering “body that won’t quit…” I was flattered, but also very conscious that he was quite drunk – I’m not fat or anything, but “body that won’t quit”? I don’t know about all that!

Anyway, we all went back to the apartment after a while. I told Matt “I’m using your bathroom” and went in and changed back into my clothes, sans undies. D was still in a towel. We were all out on the patio, and Rich asked D to come to his room. I hung out with Matt, just talking, wondering if D was staying the night with Rich or what – it was really late and I was ready to go home. I had to be at work at noon the next day and wanted to get some sleep, so staying over with Matt was NOT on the agenda. He kept apologizing for being so drunk, and I finally just hugged him, telling him it was ok. And it was – as drunk as he was, he was still being fun and sweet. Predictably, the hug turned into a kiss. I am not a saint, and he is hot! But he was kissing me with like, pursed hard lips, which is weird – usually when people are drunk they’re sloppy kissers. I finally said, “Open your mouth” and then it was all good. 😉 We sat down on the couch and kissed a little more, and at one point he looked at me and said it again: “body that won’t quit.” If only I could get a boyfriend who really thought this…

I was enjoying myself, but the whole time I was wondering what the hell was going on with D: I could hear voices from Rich’s room, and the tone was not good. Was she staying? Were they fighting? Should I just leave her there?

Finally I decided I had to go home. I told Matt that I couldn’t stay, and asked if he wanted my number. He said hell yes, so I texted it to him, and then briefly knocked on Rich’s door and said, “Hey I’m leaving.” D immediately poked her head out and said “I’ll be out in one minute.” Uh oh. This did not bode well. On the way out to the car she told me that Rich had stopped, literally in the middle of fucking her, and said, “This doesn’t feel right.” D was understandably extremely upset, and went off on him. My personal feeling is that he thought that she wanted a boyfriend and was feeling guilty about the whole thing. Which is ok I guess, but you don’t stop right in the middle of fucking her! That’s just insulting. I mean really, what were you thinking, dude?!

Tangent: This is why FWB situations can be dicey, you gotta have that talk right off the bat and be completely open with each other, or it’s apt to go off the rails. Based on what she’s told me, I don’t think D was trying to make Rich into a relationship, but if he wanted it I know she would have gone there. Just because we’re willing to go there doesn’t mean we’re going to try to push it there, however. For example, Nate set the boundaries with us in the very beginning, and although I have developed feelings for him over the past year (because we actually have stuff in common and I like him as a person, not just because of the sex) I recognize that he does not want a relationship, and I honor that. It’s becoming more difficult for me to be detached, and I’m not sure how long our relationship can continue in its present form, but it’s been a good year, of occasional sex and companionship with someone who I know cares about me.  It’s been enough to keep me sane in my singlehood, and to stave off the desperation to be with someone, anyone.

Conclusion: The next day when I was working at the restaurant I decided to text Matt and ask how he was feeling. I wouldn’t normally do this, but my logic was that he might feel a little silly about being so drunk – he’d kept apologizing the night before – and maybe not get in touch because of it. And I definitely wanted him to get in touch. He was cute, fun, has an amazing body, and seemed smart and sweet.  So I texted him. He immediately texted me back, and we had a brief little convo. His car was still parked at the restaurant, and I told him to come say hi when he came to pick it up. Maybe that was overkill, but whatever. I didn’t hear from him all afternoon, and then got a text from him at around 7:15 asking if I was still at work. I told him I was on my way out, and he was like, “Oh shit! I just grabbed my car and didn’t see you in there.” I said, “Well I work in the bar silly.” (The bar is in the back of the building.) He said, “Why was I thinking you were a server? I guess I just wanted to picture you in that stylish outfit they wear haha.” (The servers wear old school diner uniforms – skirt, apron, and a little white hat.) I sent back “Naughty naughty boy,” and that was it. At first I was hopeful, due to the speed with which he responded to my initial text, but now I doubt I’ll hear from him, if for no other reason than because of possible D/Rich drama. Since he is Rich’s roommate and I’m a good friend of D’s, if they can’t work out their shit I suppose it could make the two of us seeing each other a little awkward. Possible drama, weighed against a girl he kissed one drunken night and probably barely remembers… Yeah I probably wouldn’t go there either. Sigh. Another one bites the dust.


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