I Need to Get Laid!

I need hands on me. Strong masculine hands. Pulling me close. Sliding up under my hair, down my back, grabbing my ass and my hips. Cup my breasts, tease the nipples. Slowly. Oh god, I’m shivering. Kiss me. Gently, now harder. Show me how much you want me. Now your mouth. On my neck, my breasts. Are you hard? Let me feel you…mmm…rock hard..yes. Kneel down in front of me. Lift my shirt. Kiss my belly, lower, lower…Take off my jeans. Slide your hands up my calves, my thighs, slide your finger inside me. Oh god. I hear your breath hitch, that’s good. I need you to want me. Push me back on the bed. Spread my legs. Lick me. Let me know you like it, I want to hear you. Lick, tease, kiss, suck. I can’t stand it anymore, I want you on top of me, I want to feel your weight and your strength. I want to know I can’t get away. Kiss me. Tease my clit with your cock, make me beg. Now slide it inside. Slowly. Make me feel every hard inch. Kiss me. Let me set the pace, squeezing you, working you. God I can see you in the mirror. Your shoulders, your ass when you move inside of me. So hot. I can’t stop looking. I can visualize your dick inside me, working me, opening me. I want to make you come. Oh fuck I can feel you about to come, getting harder, breathing faster, it’s taking me over the edge, oh god don’t come yet!

Mmm, but you don’t. You let me dissolve around you, still inside of me, breathing hard, slowing your rhythm so you can keep going. Now you take control, flip me over,  put me on my hands and knees in front of you, legs spread, head down, pussy completely exposed. You know what you want. I’m breathing hard, in suspense, a little afraid. Completely yours to command, your slave. You tease me, caressing me with your finger, watching my reaction in the mirror. You tease my pussy with your cock, I helplessly push back against you. You smile. This is what you want. You slide into me, so, so slow. I start to move against you, but you grab my hips, stilling me. You push all the way in, and I moan. Then you lean over me and work my hard little clit. I’m completely trapped. Filled with you. You won’t let me go. I have no choice but to give in, and I come again, with you deep inside me. But that’s too much, you can’t hold out. You start to fuck me, harder, faster, spanking me, telling me how good I feel. Oh god I love it! Yes fuck me! I want you to lose control! You put your hands around my waist, tell me how gorgeous my ass is, pound me so hard it hurts, god I can feel how hard you are, and finally you lose yourself in me…Ahhh…yes…I smile. This is what I wanted.


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